President Barack Obama recorded a celebratory message to Muslims all over for the beginning of Ramadan, the month in which Muslims believe the Koran was revealed to the prophet Mohammad. There are people who will find this terrifyingly worrisome.

Because there're still many people who still somehow believe that our President is not just an American, but an African! A Muslim! And a goddamn terrorist! There are also plenty of people who try to see beyond Obama's message of "peace and good will" as a secret message to his Al Qaeda brethren, letting them know how well their secret plan to turn us all into Halal-eating freedom-squashing suicide bombers is working out quite well! Muah. Ha. Ha. Furthermore, he even subtitled it in their native language in case they don't understand the secret codewords!

See, this is funny, except, I'm not joking, so all we can do is laugh. Sigh, America.