Don and Roger both deal with dramatic changes to their home life, Ken goes on the offensive against Pete, the Brits ruin everything, and Peggy got laid. We always knew she'd be good in the sack.

If last night's episode is still lingering in your DVR like cigarette smoke in the Sterling Cooper office, read this later. Otherwise, inhale our fresh dissection of last night's happenings. It's better than Patio and Ann-Margret combined!

1. Peggy Goes Down: After being nearly ignored last week, it's great to see our favorite female copywriter steal the show. Thanks to a seeing how her male coworkers react to a sexy Ann-Margaret in Bye Bye Birdie (which is coming back to Broadway!) Peggy plays the part of a sexy vixen, first at home in the mirror and then at a bar where she picks up a nice, young gentleman. She masks her profession to land the engineering student, faking like she's a receptionist as to not put him off. After a steamy run-in on the couch, she leaves in the middle of the night. She behaves like a girly girl to get the guy, but then behaves like a man once she's had her way.
Where This Is Going: Peggy is well on her way to becoming an emancipated woman. She's got the sex part down, next week she goes for the drugs, so she should be into rock 'n' roll by season's end.

2. Don's Father-in-Law Comes to Stay: Looks like the bun in Betty's oven isn't going to be the only new arrival in the Draper household. Don, the man who ditched his extended family, makes the decision to have his senile (or Alzheimer's-afflicted) father-in-law move in. Is this what Don is afraid of, being old and alone and alienated from a family that doesn't want to care for him? It was sweet to see the new Draper family portrait at the end of the episode (with Betty wearing her amazing shades), but we all know it's too good to last.
Where This Is Going: The decision to bring Papa into the house made Betty happy, but how well is she going to deal with two children, a newborn, and her father who thinks the cops are coming for his hooch? And they let gramps have a car! This will end badly.

3. Roger's Family Troubles: Roger's daughter is getting married and doesn't want his child bride to be at the wedding. In a double blow to his ego, his ex-wife has a date to the shindig, proving that life can actually go on without Roger. Anyway, he insists that his family get used to Jane, whether they like it or not.
Where This Is Going
: Once a cheater, always a cheater. While his new wife becomes more inconvenient for his lifestyle, Roger will react the only way he knows how, by bedding more women. And female distractions are exactly what he needs, with his business crumbling around him.


4. The Brits Say "No" to Madison Square Garden: After Price tells Don to go after Madison Square Garden, which is facing public opposition to knocking down Penn Station to build the arena, Don naturally lands the account. However, Price says that the home office doesn't want the business after all. And this is after Price informed the honchos at Sterling Cooper that the British firm lost Campbell's soup.
Where This Is Going: Maybe they're not so good at this ad game as they claim to be. While cuts have already hit the agency, mismanaging the business might lead to another round of belt-tightening and the inevitable consequences.

5. Ken is Winning the War: Head of accounts Ken is shooting for the Patio account which will hopefully get him in good with Pepsi, and a lot more business. Meanwhile, head of accounts Pete, disastrously botches his first meeting with a potential Madison Square Garden client, which Don has to step in and save. And we all know how that one ended. So far it's Ken, one, Pete, zero.
Where This Is Going: Are they setting us up for inept Ken to luck his way into the top spot while Pete is shown the door? Hopefully whiney Pete will wise up and claw his way back to victory, leaving destruction in his wake.