Tonight The Rachel Zoe Project returns to Bravo, which means that evil assistant Taylor Jacobson comes with it. There is a "Taylor" in every office making life hell for everyone, and for that, she must be punished.

Taylor is so much of a type that she is almost cliche. She is the hard-working martyr whose skill at her job and the long hours she's willing to work have made her completely indispensable. Her veteran status and lack of social grace means she feels like she can treat her coworkers—and even her celebrity stylist boss!—just about any way she wants with complete impunity. She says she does it to help her boss, but she really is only doing it to make her life easier. She treats both underlings and weak-willed management as if they are her slaves, and because of her aggressive behavior, no one speaks up for fear of her wrath. This is what it must have been like to work with Anna Wintour before she was boss.

Taylor is just like every junior staffer who uses her power to call the shots. And there's nothing Rachael (or your boss, for that matter) can do, because she is under Taylor's thrall and believes that celebrities will be marching naked down the red carpet if it weren't for this blond hipster and her antics. Through hard work and force of bitchy will, she has everyone convinced she's in control.

While Taylor and coworker Brad Goreski, who she terrorized in season one, now claim to be the best of friends we don't buy it for a minute. Brad is employing the only strategy possible to repel such a beast: he is following her lead until he can find a new gig, eventually leaving Taylor behind like a festering boil on Rachel's ass—because Taylor isn't going anywhere and her behavior is only going to get worse.