Bill O'Reilly and Spike Lee are very different people. One's white. One's black. One's liberal. The other's conservative. One's a director who touches on controversial topics and the other's a controversial television personality. But they both use urinals. Sometimes together!

O'Reilly and his dedicated team at Fox News recently tried to get Lee on the record about President Obama's slipping approval ratings and ongoing trouble in the health care arena. Lee wasn't having it, and simply turned his back on O'Reilly's right hand and our old friend, Jesse Watters. That's because, as Lee told Watters way back at the DNC, he doesn't do interviews with Fox News.

O'Reilly rose above it all, however, and told a little anecdote about how he and Lee were both at a New York Knicks game a few years ago and ran into one another in the bathroom. It was there, nestled among the unzipped masses, that O'Reilly and Lee shared a special moment. Recalled the rascally O'Reilly:

Spike Lee comes walking into the men's room. I'm 6' 4". Spike's is what? 5'2"... So, I'm at the urinal, and Spike kinda saunters up two away from me, he looks up and he goes, 'Did you find any weapons of mass destruction in here?

The news man then remarks that one "has to" give Lee "props" for the line. Props? No, Billy Boy, that's not what you were supposed to do, but we won't spell it out for you. Anyway, it's no wonder Lee doesn't want to do interviews with your news channel.

But, all joking aside, we too will give Lee props: if we saw you all exposed and stuff — well, let's say we would probably have had a different reaction. But trust it would make an equally entertaining story!