Looks like the languid, late summer days are not exactly relaxing the insiders over at Business Insider and Silicon Alley Insider. Editors Nicholas Carlson and Dan Frommer have a veritable slapfight going. Check out the warring headlines:

The first was attached to a story by former Valleywag Carlson, now an editor in Henry Blodget's blog stable. The second is for a rebuttal by Dan Frommer, a former Forbes.com reporter who is a senior editor for Blodget:

Frommer writes that Carlson got "irrationally excited" and "falls for half-baked stats sourced from other sites" in his report about an iPhone knockoff threatening Apple's earnings. He continued his second guessing in the comments of both posts:

We eagerly await Carlson's rejoinder, and suggest the title, "If Dan Frommer Is So Smart Maybe He Should Get to Work Earlier." Gasoline on the fire! Pour it!