When any beloved public figure dies, everyone comes out to share their grief. Some come to make some money, others just to show their crazy. Get ready, Teddy, it's now your turn.

If deference to Blue Water Comics, who provide the lead image, their comic book biography Political Power: Ted Kennedy was announced hours before his death, but they must have smelled the inevitable on the horizon, too bad it won't be available until November.

Before the Franklin Mint can churn out some commemorative plates, eBay is teeming with death profiteers today, offering everything from memorial graphic art and pins to Ted Kennedy trading cards. Our favorite though is this Teddy bear that was made during his unsuccessful 1980 run for the presidential nomination. The creepy thing is the "I Shall Return" sticker actually came with the bear.

Another repository for Kennedy salutes is YouTube. Of all the crazy video montages and personal remembrances, two really stand out. The first is from Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) who sings a song he wrote called "Heading Home." For some strange reason, this isn't available on the official "We're Sorry Ted's Dead" site.

Kennedy also inspired prolific rapper Rah HoWard, who spits his rhymes over a montage of Kennedy images. Cause nothing says "dead Senator" like hip-hop.