Seriously, this whole Shop Class As Soulcraft idolatry movement full of retro-blue collar yuppies: stop it. You people are like hippies but instead of getting back to nature you want to get back to... floor cleaning jobs, apparently.

When it's in the NYT Style section, you know it's true: Wall Streeters are flocking back to working with their hands! Inspired by Shop Class as Soulcraft—a book written by a man with a Ph.D, health care from his wife, and a career in academia to fall back on should he ever get tired of repairing motorcycles (which, by the way, is pretty far towards the "awesome" end of the spectrum of hands-on labor, assuming you like motorcycles)—as well as by Deadliest Catch and shit like that, allegedly, former bankers are flocking to uber-satisfying world of backbreaking manual labor. You people are obviously doing it wrong:

"I am having fun and learning again," [a banker-turned-floor refinisher] said. "Floors are living, breathing things. They expand when it gets humid, and they contract when it gets dry, and every floor is different."

See, a cool and romantic blue collar job would be something more along the lines of "longshoreman" or "race care engine rebuilder" or "flamethrower tester." Don't fuck up the fantasy, guys.