Megan Fox Will Steal Your Girlfriend

Megan Fox says she's more comfortable kissing ladies on screen, Rihanna brings Taylor Swift flowers and Hilary Duff's not playing nice. It's your Friday morning Gossip Roundup!

  • Megan Fox, who stars in Cody Diablo's Jennifer's Body, says she's feels safer kissing girls, like co-star Amanda Seyfried, who wasn't so comfortable. Giggle attack! [Us]

  • Awww, Rihanna's so sweet! She sent Taylor Swift roses after the singer's Madison Square Garden concert. Again: awwww! [Just Jared]

  • Amy Winehouse went to the dentist and, like the human that she is, came out swollen. That is all. [The Sun]

  • Sales of Michael Jackson tribute magazines raked in about $55 million. They are now collecting dust. [MSNBC]

  • Meanwhile, the broke Jacko had bad credit. [TMZ]

  • We've some bad fake tans in our day, but few compare to the one current being worn by Donald Trump. [TMZ]

  • Courtney Love, who files a new Twitter post almost every minute during the wee, crackhead hours, is tired of her staff, who apparently aren't "passionately supportive" enough. Supportive of what remains unclear.[Twitter]

  • Paris Hilton went to Guatemala to help impoverished children and came back a different person: "It was a pleasure, those children touched my heart and soul. My outlook on life is so different now." We'll see how long that lasts. [3am]

  • The Gossip Girl cast were absolutely astonished, sickened and beside themselves over news that taping was being held up because Hilary Duff wouldn't come out of her trailer. The nerve! [Page Six]

  • Dancing with the Stars contestant Mya made inappropriate comments about her dance partner and his ruler, which we can only assume means his penis. [E!]

  • Anna Wintour offspring Bee Shaffer far more interesting in law than fashion. Who isn't?! [Page Six]