Sarah Lacy was severely inconvenienced by a visa snafu; Mark Glaser was dissed by a conference and a writer danced on Oasis' grave. The Twitterati were feeling huffy.

TechCrunch's Sarah Lacy is having a huge geopolitical passport issue and WTF, NATION OF BRAZIL? YOU MESSED WITH THE SARAHCUDA ONE TOO MANY TIMES and seriously she's been learning Portuguese and you just WAIT until she gets to the swears.

And also? People who run mind-numbing conferences about the future of media and whether newspapers are dying or maybe they're just turning into blogs or maybe we should just let cyborgs write everything? MARK GLASER'S INVITATION GOT LOST IN THE MAIL. AGAIN. He writes for PBS and dies for these endlessly boring things and besides can you really even call it a media conference if he's not there?

John Aboud just pitched a movie, and doesn't even know it. Someone option this thing.

Oh, so here's something positive that came out of the Great Health Care Panic of '09: Otherwise non-foodie conservative pundits like Amanda Carpenter are finally eating non-poisoned vegetables and non-tortured cows! At Whole Foods! Probably because Whole Foods opposes Obama's health care plan! Delicious!

TechCrunch's Milo Yiannopoulos was made sick by the breakup of Oasis. Or at least made plans to be made sick.

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