So, L.A., apparently, you're on fire, we hear? 3,000 homes on the northeastern edge of the city are currently being evacuated after 20,000 acres have already been burned. Want to see what it looks like in 24 seconds?

Eric Spiegelman put together a great time-lapse video of the fires, set to Grizzly Bear's— and really, what's with all the Grizz these days?—"All We Ask." He also did one of the fires at night. Leave it to Angelinos to make great art out of disaster. Most New Yorkers are fine until something bad happens, after which they mostly curl into the fetal position and go think smart deep thoughts about it for $300 an hour. Send me your citizen's reports and photos, or throw them in the comments. Godspeed these fires away, and please keep the Kogi Truck safe.

Time Lapse Test: Station Fire from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.