In the UK there's a magical strain of skunk weed: It addicts teenagers, turns them psycho, prompts their mom to write a tell-all book, and then sends the nation into an uproar over said book. And it's coming to America!

The uproar, that is! And the book. But not the weed, as far as I know, because this Crrrrrrazymaking skunk only exists in Cheech & Chong movies and the imaginations of lightweights. (And in England).

Julie Myerson is a British author. She had a teenage son. He started smoking skunk and acting progressively more crazy and unmanageable, until she had to kick him out of the house. In America this is known as "being a teenager."

Then she wrote a book about her son's crazy life-destroying skunk addiction. In America this is known as "capitalizing on your own brand." Reality TV has mastered this domain! So who's to say Julie Myerson cannot tell her son's story, as unlikely as it may seem to your average American weedhead?

The British media, that's who! There was a huge uproar over whether Myerson was exploiting her kid (he said she was) and whether she's a terrible person, etc. Which, hey, helped her sell a lot of books!

Now the book's coming out in America and Myerson fears she may see the same uproar here. Unlikely. She'll see a different uproar here. Americans could not care less about exploiting the foibles of a family member through the media. That's the American dream! Our uproar will just be about where do you get this magic weed that makes you crazy?

Cause I mean in Florida they had that Kryptonite but the worst it ever did was make somebody fall off the couch.