Mike Dukakis To Be Ted Kennedy's Caroline Kennedy?

Sigh, Mike Dukakis. Sigh. The Boston Globe has joined the chorus of Democrats demanding that the Duke be appointed to Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

Ted's deathbed proposal was for a placeholder Senator who'd be forbidden from running in the special election, in order to prevent a Roland Burris or Caroline Kennedy situation. And it is a fine suggestion, really, mostly sidestepping the argument about how Democrats didn't want Romney to appoint a replacement for Kerry back in 2004 when a couple jokers thought that guy might be the President.

This placeholder's sole job is the provide the Democrats with a 60th vote, for the health care, even though they're still not guaranteed a couple of those 60 votes, but hopefully none of those votes they're missing will join a filibuster, though you can never tell with these treacherous weasels.


Anyway. Michael Dukakis, the former governor of Massachusetts and the Democratic nominee for the presidency in 1988, would do a fine job of voting Yea on The Socialist Nazi Death Care. But he is also a little bit overqualified. And frankly we wouldn't mind having him be a real Senator, as he is a Good Liberal, and he loves the BULLET TRAINS as much as we do. But he is also very old, and people only remember how goofy he looked in a tank once, and also the time he made a black man kill a lady.

When Paul Wellstone died, the Democrats asked universally beloved Minnesota hero Walter Mondale to run to replace him. And that is why there was ever a Senator Norm Coleman.