Earlier this year, the government passed a new law that totally kneecapped the ability of marketing wizards to educate the public on how awesome cigarettes are, in Flavor Country (America). Luckily, the media's favorite lawyer is on the case!

Floyd Abrams—probably the most famous First Amendment lawyer in America, father of Dan Abrams, and frequent attorney for the New York Timesis representing the tobacco giant Lorillard in a lawsuit against the new law, which restricts everything from cigarette packaging to sponsorships, and virtually bans the marketing of "light" cigarettes. Also it would seriously fuck with magazine advertising! Wake up, bureaucrats! This law will actually prevent Big Tobacco from saving people's lives:

Combined with the existing ban on advertising on television and radio, and a new ban on outdoor advertising within 1,000 feet of any school of playground, the companies said it would be almost impossible to communicate with adults even about what it claims are "reduced harm" products.

Representing society's most odious institutions just gives Floyd Abrams more street cred.