So, single gal Kourtney Kardashian's with child. While some people will shake a finger at the 30-year old's apparent irresponsibility, her friend and reality show costar Erica Mena calls double-K a "role model." Oh, really?

Mena, who works at Kardashian's retail store, insists that Kardashian should be showered with praise for keeping the baby. Rather than getting an abortion, Kardashian's letting the world ogle at her obstetrical adventure. And this deserves our praise!

The fact that Kourtney puts everything out there about her pregnancy for the world to know makes her more of a role model. It's realistic and it's the truth, and for a young girl going through the same thing — forgetting to the take the pill, considering abortion — it's nice to know Kourtney is someone a person can look up to in the public eye.

Hmm. Well, okay. Yes, Kardashian, we suppose, should get a thumbs up for her bravery — being pregnant's scary! — but we'd hardly call her a "role model." She's just a girl who got knocked up and decided to keep it. Did anyone, other than social conservatives, call Bristol Palin a role model? No. The tabloids dumped on her and turned her into a political side show. Or, at the very least, a distraction.

As for this business of young women looking up to Kardashian: the last thing we need is an army of Jonas Brother loving ladies running around with tiny people growing inside of them. But, that said, Kourtney's an adult, makes her own money and definitely has a support system in place to help her care for this child. We won't call her a role model, but we won't castigate her for getting all bred and shit.