There's halitosis, and then there is the kind that makes you want to wretch. But this stench-breathed star has nothing on a vain actress, a cheating newspaper man, a girly golfer, and an actress who's dying to keep her secret!

1. "This Golden Globe Nominated/Winner television actor who is a solid B lister from his body of work is known by the nickname Retch. It is based on one of his characters. The reason he is called this is because whenever he breathes on you you really think you are going to puke. It is not a natural condition. Our actor believes in a pill and vitamin regimen that is the cause. Despite complaints from everyone he keeps taking the pills and forcing everyone who does scenes with our actor to rub Vicks under their nose." [CDaN]

2. "This blonde actress usually plays very ladylike roles on screen. That's why it was a bit of a shock when she was caught in a very unladylike position. During her most recent film, a young support staff person was sent to her trailer to hand off some minor script changes. He found our actress sitting cross- legged on a bench, wearing a short skirt … and no underwear. He reported to his friends on the set that he indeed saw everything and that he was a little surprised that the rug did not match the drapes. Guess he thought of her as a natural blonde." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This Hollywood girl is vain. She is becoming more obsessed with looking perfect every single minute of the day. She has had floor to ceiling glass mirrors installed on one wall of every room of her home, including the garage and the laundry room. Apparently she does not have the same benefit while away from home, as she is occasionally caught with a little white powder smudge under her nose." [Blind Gossip]

4. "Which married, former newspaperman who's now an online news editor has been having an affair with one of his single reporters? They were spotted at various downtown hotels this summer. Now an internal investigation has been launched and the wife, also a journalist, found out last weekend." [Page Six]

5. "Which pro golfer has bartenders giggling at his choice in girly drinks? When he's not swinging his clubs, he's swigging Purple Hooter cocktails, made with vodka, raspberry liquor & 7-Up." [Page Six]

6. "Which womanizing crooner has been dating a reality TV starlet for more than two years, putting her up in hotels wherever he travels for shows." [Page Six]