Sheryl Weinstein had an affair with Bernie Madoff. Then Bernie stole all of Sheryl Weinstein's money and she wrote a book about fucking him although he has a small penis. Sheryl's husband is not happy about this, but he understands.

The Daily Beast interviewed Ron Weinstein about his feelings. They are much milder than maybe the average sentient human's reactions would be!

"Affairs are commonplace and shouldn't be such a big deal," he says. "However, having an affair with the person who is the biggest crook in the world and stole all my assets is another issue entirely."

Who are we to judge?

Another unexpected development: his wife's allegations about Bernie Madoff's penile dimensions. "I thought it was trashy," Ron says, "but I thought it was necessary to get insight into how somebody becomes a sociopath. What happens when they're young that can cause somebody to be this horrible?"

But Ron is getting half that book money so buy buy buy!