Sarah Lacy is famous for bombing an interview at a huge geek conference, and for being "smoking" hot. That's not all her fault; Silicon Valley is notoriously sexist. But the tech reporter's latest tantrum only plays to the diva stereotype.

"EPIC-EST FAIL EVER," reads a headline superimposed on the flag of Brazil and attached to Lacy's latest post on TechCrunch, in which the Yahoo Finance anchor admonishes Brazilian entrepreneurs to "blame your government" for the terrible tragedy of... not being allowed to meet with Sarah Lacy. Amid all her jet setting, Lacy apparently failed to apply for a visa in time, because she was forced to turn to an expediter. But the computers at the consulate were being upgraded that week, so Lacy was shit out of luck.

Her response? Some angry tweets, followed by today's lengthy TechCrunch post, which makes sure to mention how dangerous and underdeveloped Brazil is, as well as how a PR company helped orchestrate her visit, to a place "no one in the Valley" particularly cared about:

It's particularly ironic given that the Brazilian government has recently hired the PR firm Fleishman Hillard to go around talking up its commitment to IT and entrepreneurship. You want foreign investment and attention, Brazil? Here's an idea: LET PEOPLE ENTER THE DAMN COUNTRY. You want to show your IT prowess? How about outfitting your consulates with computer systems that work? ...The country should be embarrassed.

This is definitely the worst thing that has happened in Brazil, ever, Sarah Lacy not being allowed to visit.. "Epic-est fail" indeed. And what's weird about this whole situation is that the word "Brazil" has never before been associated with bureaucratic dystopia. And it's not like the U.S. has a dysfunctional visa system. We're sure if any of this were the case, Sarah, as a professional writer, would have made some reference to it.

(Pic by lunaweb on Flickr.)