Remember this? Tyra Banks had some kind of bizarre flash mob in Union Square a few weeks ago to promote the season of her new show, Tyra Banks: Attempting To Make You Hate Me Even More. And now, there's video!

This basically encapsulates all of the insanity that's included with your standard episode of Tyra: dangerously peppy enthusiasm blended with Banks' self-delusion that people would burst into song on cue, for her, and get naked, for her, in Union Square. Okay, it's missing the batty, pompous punditry that Tyra puts into every show, but maybe it's there in the subtext. I haven't played it backwards yet.

More offensive, however, is the notion that people could burst into song in Union Square without having their path crossed by a wayward, mediocre bad skateboarder, some kind of obscure protest (both in form and cause), or without busting ass and tripping all over, as Union Square is a great place to do. Then again, in the Suburb-sive shifting of Union Square—which, once a downtown scene, will soon include a Friday's—it kind of fits right in. Have at it, Tyra: