The Triumphant Return of Lindsay's Nether Region

Lindsay Lohan's vagina makes a surprisingly discreet reappearance, Michael Jackson's good for real estate, Perez Hilton lied to Tyra and Lady Gaga talks blow.

  • Lindsay Lohan suffered some camel toe recently — and there are basically pornographic pictures depicting the suction-cupped nightmare. We would reprint them, but, honestly, it's too early and we don't want to ruin your day with images of her vaginal lips. [3am]

  • There may be another victim in Perez Hilton and Demi Moore's mutually-harmful Twitter war: Tyra Banks. Apparently Hilton appears on the season premiere of the former model's talk show and promised to stop targeting minor celebrities — that is, celebrities until 18. Well, that episode was taped on August 18th, over two weeks before Hilton posted pictures of 15-year old Tallulah Willis showing off her nubile cleavage. [Gatecrasher]

  • Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's smackhead brother, Ronnie, just returned to Britain from an Indonesian jail, and he's sleeping on the streets. At least he has a swank haircut, though, right? [Daily Mail]

  • Lady Gaga made the absolutely shocking revelation that she used to blow huge amounts of cocaine while listening to The Cure. [HollyScoop]

  • Plots in the mausoleum holding Michael Jackson's famed corpse have gone up about $3,000 in price. [TMZ]

  • Jermaine Jackson will soon hold a "tribute" concert for his brother, but fans shouldn't get too excited about promises — or even suggestions — of big names, for the devil's in the ticket's fine print: Jermaine Jackson and the producers will make every attempt to present some of the world's leading artists, however there is no right or legal claim whatsoever that certain artists will perform ‘The Tribute.'" Good grief, if that's the case, Jackson should say MJ himself will make an appearance. [MSNBC]

  • Teen Vogue hired Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen to screech and thrash to promote this week's Fashion Night Out. [NY Post]

  • Mischa Barton's tenuous hold on reality becomes even more clear with news that she eats McDonald's before hitting the gym. [Gatecrasher]

  • Critics and movie-types are saying Mo'Nique, once known for her self-effacing fat jokes, should win an Oscar nomination for her turn in Precious. [NY Post]

  • Ludacris gave away 20 cars to people who couldn't afford them. That's nice. [CNN]

  • Either Rebecca Gayheart's pregnant with Eric Dane's child, or the couple are trying desperately to get new, non-nude tape press, for Dane was seen putting a "protective" hand on his wife's below at DJ AM's funeral. [NY Post]