Just when you thought the New York Post had covered every possible imaginary angle of Spitzer Hooker Scandal, Round Two, you find out that they ignored the provocative take of Kristin Davis, the "Manhattan Madam!" She has things to say!

Kristin Davis was allegedly the second Spitzer prostitution connection after Ashley Dupre, but who really knows? The important thing is that she has an opinion on this "Spitzer comeback" business, and that she posted it on her blog last week:

There is far more to tell about Eliot Spitzer, the ladies and the way he treated them. There is also far more to tell about Spitzer's relationships with multiple New York Escort services including several of my competitors when I was in the business. I'm sure if he and I both ran these facts would come in during a spirited campaign...

Yes indeed, if Eliot spitzer throws his hat in the ring, I may just have to jump in the race myself. After all, how I could I do worse than the clowns we have in Albany now?

You should, scary lady! This prostitute-ring runner is in favor of legalized prostitution and legalized marijuana and says it's preposterous that she went to jail while Spitzer didn't. In other words, she's right about everything.

[Pic: AP]