Did Anna Wintour ever strike you as the type who was a precocious teenager, hanging out in the "discotheques" of mod 1960s London? Suspicions confirmed! We have a copy of a nightlife review a 17-year-old Wintour wrote in 1966.

Thanks to a tipster (whose mother went to school with Wintour), we got some scans of the 1966 North London Collegiate School Magazine which contains one of the Vogue editor's early works: a review of the places people like us could never dream of getting into. Ironically, it's first two words of the article on "London's Discotheques" are "in vogue." It's like the Magic Eight Ball told her where she would end up! It only gets more delicious from there.

In vogue at the moment are the Garrison, the Scotch of St. James and Dolly's. The Garrison, run by smooth, dinner-jacketed waiters is ostensibly where the upper crust of London's rich young jet set while away time between flights...The Scotch of St James (actually it's in Mason's Yard) is small and crowded to near suffocation point...The pessimistic are already gloomily predicting that the Scotch will soon be passee but its popularity among the uninitiate is still high.

Wow, looks like Anna was hipper than hip. We just love the idea of her running around swinging '60s London in a mod miniskirt like a little Gossip Girl, not even out of school but living the high life. It makes her seem, not only human, but fun!

[At] Dolly's...the most way-out outfits are the expected uniform and the kinkiest of gear is accepted without the blinking of an eyelid

Sounds just like fashion week. As for the writing, it's pretty good (minus that unfortunate "blinking of an eyelid" cliche). It also holds all the hallmarks of her new regime at Vogue. During the recession she's trying to make the magazine a little friendlier for readers on a budget, she does the same here. After giving us the insider details on the hottest celeb hangouts, she enumerates some clubs "for the masses." That's so sweet to throw the little people a bone! It's like when Vogue uses a skirt from The Gap.