As any Master of the Universe can tell you, the key to success is an ability to multi-task. And to always be talking into a phone so you look busy and important, especially when hot girls are around.

Young Hollywood legend Brett Ratner is certainly a man who wears many hats. Director, author, host, boyfriend and friend to all of show business. So surely when you hire the great Ratner to direct your TV commercial, you understand that you don't get all of Brett Ratner.

The folks at Slashfilm have dug up a couple critical pieces of Ratnerology. First they discovered the newly released Playboy-themed Guitar Hero commercial:

A masterpiece of the Guitar Hero/Risky Business re-staging genre to be sure.

Thinking no doubt of future generations whose historians who will win doctorates studying this landmark piece of advertising, the Guitar Hero team has also placed online a series of outtakes from the ad, providing some glimpses into the artistry of Brett Ratner.

Most striking of all, as Slashfilm notes, is the moment which occurs 57 seconds into the video, where, as the camera rolls and the Playmate Guitar Army marches past him, Ratner appears to be sitting in his director's chair talking on a cell phone. As Playmates cluster around, he lowers the phone, gives them an annoyed look and issues some sort of very important directorial command, no doubt asking the to take their little TV commercial somewhere else while he's on a very important call. The faces of the Playmates, surely awed by his power telephoning, are not visible.

Later in the clips, Ratner turns his attention to the shoot for a moment and see more clearly what makes the director of Rush Hour 3 a giant of our age when like De Mille descended he issues the order "Rock out girls!" calls "Action!" and after Hef croaks out the line, "I love variety," throws aloft his hands in victory, grinning broadly and declaring with all the accumulated wisdom of his years, "That was great."

And it was.