Oh, the Boston Globe? The paper projected to cost our already-flailing company $85 million this year? Where the employees hate management because of emotional union contract battles? Yea, we could sell it. Or not. Whatever. Why, you wanna buy it?

Pinch Sulzberger paid a visit to Globe employees yesterday to give them the good news that now that they've finally agreed to those $20 million in cutbacks, their NYT Co. overlords are feeling slightly less pressed to sell them off immediately.

On Wednesday, the company executives thanked employees for their sacrifices and Mr. Sulzberger said that as a result, "our hand is not being forced. We are not in a situation where we must absolutely sell."

But the executives would not say how much the paper was still losing, or whether it was now in the black.

Yes, we could theoretically hold on to you and eat your now-marginally-smaller multimillion-dollar annual losses. But we probably won't. Punch, anyone?
[Pic: AP]