The first Sony commercials are up on the web and boy, do they have a lot to teach us about life. At least life Julia Allison style!

Did you know she carries a Sony Vaio Lifestyle PC in her purse? It's not the only thing she pulls out of her purse with the word Lifestyle on it. Zing! Also, Julia likes Justin Timberlake (one of her fellow Vaio hawkers), cupcakes, and updating her Facebook status. We never knew! We do love the idealized version of the subway that she rides. It's white and clean, has beautiful chairs, and doesn't smell like three-day-old vomit that some sorority girl left on the 6 train on her way home to Murray Hill.

So, when Julia goes to play movies, she pulls up Cupcakes by Julia Allison and when she goes to web, it goes to Julia Allison's crazy version of Twitter. Does that mean the Vaio only works with programs that run on a Julia Allison interface? Or has Julia Allison finally succeed in taking over the entirety of the internet? The mind boggles.

She calls the device, "smaller, cuter, portabler—wait that's not a word." Do you think JA gets $4 for make-believe words too? She loves this thing so much because it's cute and tough and makes her illicit little growls. Is she a tiger or a sex kitten? Is she a Notebook PC or an Entertainment Machine? Well, we know that she's not a computer, so she has to be an entertainment machine. Oh yes, definitely, she's been churning out ridiculous situations for years now.

Thanks Julia. Cute purse!