Deboroah Solomon's Seth MacFarlane interview for her NY Times Magazine "Questions With..." column was a landmark not only of hostility toward a subject, but she has chosen that readers would rather hear what she has to say than her subjects.

Over the past 10 weeks, she's come close a couple of times to surpassing but this is the first instance during that time period when she has more words on the page (310) than the person who the interview is supposedly about (305). When interviewing Benjamin Todd Jealous, Solomon clocked in at 303 words, while Jealous only had 357, and when interviewing Howard Dean, she got off 278 words and 395. Doesn't that mean that the column is now officially about Solomon? Maybe that's why It's called "Questions With..." instead of "Answers From..."

Each of Solomon's columns bears the tag "Interview has been condensed and edited," a tag that was added after a dust up concerning the accuracy of her questions and answers. It is now well known that Solomon finesses what both she and her subject say in any given interview. That means that, rather than running a transcript and dealing with a taciturn subject, Solomon has chosen to give herself more column inches than who she was interviewing. Family Guy may be painfully unfunny, but that's a little harsh, even for the acid-tongued Solomon.