Poor Barack Obama. The press once fawned over his ever move, word and action, but those days are over, for coverage of his presidency has grown increasingly negative. But, don't worry, because he's still on top.

While the majority of press clippings on the President were positive during his first 100 days, a new analysis of articles from his second 100 days show that public pieces on Obama are more negative. Don't worry, though, because he's still getting scads of journalistic love:

While evaluations of President Obama during the first 100 days of his presidency (Jan. through April) were 59% positive (v. 41% negative), they dropped to only 43% positive (v. 57% negative) from May through mid-August. Throughout the first eight months of his term, his coverage overall is still slightly more positive than negative, by 53% to 47%.

So, what does this all mean? Nothing, really, for the media's filled with a bunch of lefties who will always love Obama, even when he's wrong. The only thing that's surprising, really, is the amount of negativity coming out of Fox News' "Special Report".

We know they're not the President's biggest fans, but these numbers are a bit ridiculous: "President Obama fared far worse on Fox News Channel's "Special Report" than on the broadcast networks or the prestige press-only 23% positive v. 77% negative evaluations." Sheesh! They're total haters.

These overall numbers are concerning, however, for it makes us wonder whether, even if Obama truly, truly fucked up, whether the media would take him to task. Of course, he's so charming and cute, who could really stay mad at him?