Barack Obama will be on The Late Show with David Letterman next Monday. (This after he hits every single Sunday morning show—he will be exhausted!) This is obviously a snub of terrible Jay Leno.

Obama did Leno last March, of course, which makes sense: Leno usually drew a larger, older audience, and old people are the ones who vote, and who are easily scared. And Jay's idea of "political" comedy is to make a joke about Bill Clinton putting things in Monica Lewinsky's vagina (in 2009) so there was no threat of a host actually having any probing or inconvenient questions. (Did anyone watch that clip of Jeremy Scahill and Chuck Todd arguing about Blackwater on Bill Maher? The weirdest part is that Leno is there, for some reason? And he is shocked to learn that "contractors" in war zones are actually mercenary soldiers! It's not really relevant to this post it was just weird to watch. Anyway, Jay learned something, that day!)

But now in late night, David Letterman's program reaches more people, and so it makes more sense to appear there than on Conan, where only the stoners will see him.

But why would Obama not do Leno again in prime time now, hmm?? Maybe he hates him as much as everyone else who's been unlucky enough to catch more than two minutes of any NBC programming over the last two months! Maybe he was just trying to watch some fucking football last Sunday night! Maybe he is infuriated at those "behind-the-scenes" ads that show Jay doing his "funny newspaper stories" routine in the writers' room for the writers, which makes no fucking sense. (Writers present material to the host, why the hell would they do it the other way around?)

Or maybe he just wants to stay on Dave's good side, after what happened to John McCain, a man Letterman used to practically worship, until the unpleasantness.