Remember the Patrick Swayze tattoo that wandered around the internet last year? Well, in case you forgot, now is the time to remember that and a few other sad pieces of Swayze pop culture trash. Get ready to cry again.

This next clip is more amusing than sad. Sci Fi Wire reposted the "Patrick Swayze Christmas" carol that Mystery Science Theater 3000 made based on his classic movie Road House (currently being rerun on Spike).

This next video, we can not explain at all. It is listed as a "tribute" to Patrick Swayze, but it's really just some fat guys pretending to be wrestlers and fighting on a trampoline. Neither of them look like Chris Farley though.

That took you back in time, didn't it? Well, if you really want to relive the old days, you can now purchase this 1993 Patrick Swayze calendar on eBay.

And if you really want to wear your heart on your sleeve, there is this Dirty Dancing T-shirt. Sorry, it only comes in stale Pepto Bismol color.

The thing that really brought a tear to our eye though—no, it wasn't a horrible remix of "She's like the Wind," it was this press release headline:

Hallmark Movie Channel HD Honors Patrick Swayze with Encore Performances of King Solomon's Mines.

Oh, it's really come to this.