Yet again the nation's embroiled in a race debate. That's not surprising. There was that black-on-white violence that Drudge enjoyed so much. And then silly Jimmy Carter called "racism" on Obama's health care opponents. The only people not talking race?

The White House.

Despite the fact that race, racism and racists have long flapped in the air of rhetoric surrounding the President, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had to dance around the media's current Carter obsession by stressing, thrice, that Obama doesn't think people are angry because he's black.

Well, we know that's not true, so aren't Gibbs and the President exasperating the problem by pretending it doesn't exist? Yes, discussing our nation's sad history of slavery and discrimination isn't always comfortable, but considering all the recent discussions, not to mention the flurry of racist Twitters hurled at Kanye West, wouldn't it be nice to have the White House eventually sit down, face the facts, and talk the nation through this whole thing, so that, by some miracle, we can put it behind us?

For, in the space of lack created, there's now more room for people like Glenn Beck to weigh in on the matter. And you can be sure that he's got plenty to say, like aligning Carter's views with those put forth by the nation's greatest enemy: Osama bin Laden.

Meanwhile, Carter remains more isolated than ever, for every Democrat under the sun's backing away from him.

Image via digicla's flickr.