Sexual harrassment is never a laughing matter. Especially when the harrassment, as described in a lawsuit filed by a Coach store clerk, consists of a boss' horrible Hershey Kiss and weiner dog puns.

Oscar Bravo, who worked as a clerk at Coach's giant handbag emporium on Madison Ave, accused his manager Brandon Williams of coming on to him. In his suit, Bravo says that Williams joked, "Oh you gave me a kiss," after Bravo handed him a Hersey Kiss. Bravo — who told the News "I'm not gay... I don't know why he would have any reason to assume I was interested" — says that Williams was just trying to get in his pants.

If that is sexual harrassment, then every office manager who trades in crappy and obvious jokes is now on notice. Next you're going to say that at a work happy hour he asked if Bravo wanted to have a Sex on the Beach.

But that wasn't Williams' only bad joke. When showing off his dachshund, Williams reportedly said, "Ok, I have a big wiener, you wanna come see my wiener?" Yuk yuk. No, really. Yuck.

Also Williams once untied Bravo's apron strings and squealed, "I'm undressing him." Oh, you are just so racy and original, Mr. Williams. Is your first name Robin? You should take this on the road!