The Way We Live Now: Underminingly. Have we forgotten the principles of Chaos Theory that we learned in that Jurassic Park sequel? All these "cutbacks" to "save money" will "destroy us." Is the bright side really a dangerous money fire?

CASE IN POINT: Obama ends our protective missile shield. Bright side: Saves money. Dangerous money fire side: We will be killed by missiles.

See, it's easy for the power structure to convince the sheeple that something sounds good because it will be good for us. That's what they tell you. "Hey, we're going to put steep taxes on the sugary sodas you like because then you'll buy less of them and get less fat and cost The System less money when you get heart disease and diabetes and your teeth rot out from overconsumption of Coca-Cola and you didn't have health insurance because of a preexisting condition of overconsumption of Coca-Cola."

Did you catch the "code words" in there? "The System." That's what it's all about for these people, the bureaucrats of the power structure. What do you have that "The System" doesn't have? That's right—a heart. The Wizard of Oz was a warning. We haven't even learned. We sit around singing the White-Collar blues because we live in Michigan where the white collar job market has collapsed, and drowning our sorrows in mercifully as-yet-untaxed soda while the bureaucrats, the big shots, they pose like they're your buddies, see, like they really want to help you with all stuff. And you're so god damn distressed about this economy thing that you never take the time to ask yourself, "What are these government fellas spending all my taxes on, when I can't even afford a new white collar?"

Shark tanks. That's what. They're spending millions and millions buying bigger and bigger shark tanks to give free housing to more and more sharks and meanwhile there you are, the hardworking American, standing in the grocery store with tears streaming down your face and telling yourself, "Look on the bright side, at least grocery prices are coming down!" And the whole time the price of one grocery isn't coming down at all: Blue shark meat, because fisherman consider it to have no commercial value. But the government man thinks it has value: Millions of your tax dollars to build that shark a big tank. Then you have to pay to go see it.

What a world.
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