Cocaine: hell of a drug, but not much for childcare. Imagine if your parents fed you Cocaine Crunch for breakfast. Well, this happened:

Newark police say 25-year-old Shaheed Wright of East Orange apparently put several baggies of cocaine inside his 4-year-old son's jacket after a near brush with police. The boy later shared the drugs with three other 4-year-olds at the center on Friday.

So much for Twix and Slurpees for breakfast. You know how there was always that "cool" parent that'd let you get all sugarfreaked before dropping you and your friends off at school? Well, Mr. Wright, you're him, times a million. Except you were busted by the kid's teacher, who found one of the baggies in one of the his friends' mouth. All four kids involved were taken to the hospital, and Wright's son explained to police about the "candy" his dad gave him. Yeah. His dad told him it was candy.

The interesting stuff, though, is what you're never going to read on 1010Wins. Like the criminal desperation that invokes you putting drugs in your kid's jacket and telling him it's candy. And the circumstance that puts someone in the position to do that in the first place. Or what happens to Wright's child hereafter.

Anyway: 1010 reports that "Wright was charged with four counts of child endangerment and drug offenses," and if he has any idea what's good for him, he's going to plea bargain the hell out of this.

In conclusion: Newark is apparently hell on earth.