Rap music: Will it ever stop inspiring America's youth to commit multiple homicides? Not likely, if the sad case of Richard "Syko Sam" McCroskey is any indication. Because he's charged with killing four people.

"Calif. horrorcore rapper suspected of killing 4," says the AP headline. This is technically true, although a more accurate headline might have been "Calif. adolescent without any good hobbies snaps," or "MYSPACE KILLS." McCroskey, a 20 year-old kid from California, is suspected of killing four people in Virginia—including a pastor and a college professor. He apparently went to visit the pastor's daughter after meeting her on Myspace.

On McCroskey's MySpace page, someone who goes by Ragdoll, which friends identified as Emma Niederbrock, wrote several messages to McCroskey. In a post dated Sept. 7, Niederbrock says she is excited for McCroskey's visit to her house.
"The next time you check your myspace, YOULL BE AT MY HOUSE!" the post reads.

Urgh. And here, direct from Syko Sam's Myspace page, he describes how hip hop culture drove him to kill:


Syko Sam is a new musican in the underground and only been rapping for a few months now. As a new artist I feel that I already have some talent in this scene but will only get better as time will do its job. Syko Sam has been a fan of the Horrorcore/Wicked Shit genre since 1999 so therefor as a huge fan of the music I wanted to contribute to the genre to give to those fans of the genre as well as making it for myself to explore my creative side, thus Syko Sam being born.

Rap music takes only a few months to drive troubled teenagers to murder. Also the internet does, too. Parents, take heed.