Katie Couric's first foray into internet interviewing was a success! Well, it's getting some press, at least, because the ubiquitous Glenn Beck admitted a secret love for Hillary and trashed McCain, whom he thinks would have done worse than Obama.

Hosting the very first installment of her new web show, @KatieCouric, the CBS news woman was playing a bit of word association with Beck and asked him to free verse on Hillary Clinton. Beck, that lyrical wonder, explained that he would have "much preferred" her as President and maybe, in some world, would have voted for her over McCain, because McCain's "this weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt was."

Then, remembering his irksome ability to shock and awe, offered, "How about this? I think John McCain would have been worse for this country than Barack Obama. How's that?" Um, that's fine. Actually, it's probably pretty fair. But whatever will his viewers think?! Is that the sound of pitchforks being sharpened that we hear?