In your warming Tuesday media column: The New York Post softens its stance on the Fake NYP, foolish kids flock to J-schools, a few magazines do not so poorly, and NYT stock is for sale!

Faux Paper Flip Flop Caper! After acting exceptionally wack about the whole thing yesterday, the New York Post now says "We're Flattered!" by the Fake NYP stunt. Oh? Then why did the NYP kill the spoofers, break their bones, and shove them in a tiny hole? A source told us that.

You fools. Enrollment at US journalism schools is up this year. At Columbia, J-school applications are up more than 40%. Maybe that whole spiel about "You are the future of journalism, you will think up the next great journalism idea blah blah blah" will come true? Let's hope so.


Magazines: a meager handful of them are gaining in ad page sales! 22 of the 154 titles min tracks gained in October ad pages. Big winner: Interview, up 98%. Which may be more of an indicator that they had a terrible October last year? Also Style Watch, Texas Monthly, All You, and Southern Living are strong. Congrats to stylish southern ad buyers, the sales category of the future!

Harbinger Capital, the hedge fund that owns about a fifth of New York Times Co.'s stock, sold off about 20% of its stake. Probably because owning NYT Co. stock is not a great way to make money.