In your wonderful Wednesday media column: the NYO's getting a new home, the WaPo redesigns its magazine, Michael Moore has fancy party, and Katie Couric meets Glenn Beck and they totally make out (or do they?).

The New York Observer's moving again. It went from an UES townhouse to a normalish Flatiron office building to, now, an office building on West 44th street between 8th and 9th. Owned by Jared Kushner! His quote: "If I'm paying rent, I'd rather pay it to myself." That man, he has the soul of a poet, I tell ya.

O ho, the Washington Post Magazine has been "revamped" for our dynamic modern age, and it's reportedly "A truly solid product for Columbia Heights hipsters, McLean mommies and everyone in between." So, upwardly mobile 24-38 year-old whites living in the DC metro area will enjoy it!


Michael Moore made a movie about how rich people are bad but then he had a party for it in.........a Ritzy Manhattan Penthouse! To be fair, most of the media people that go to these Ritzy Manhattan Penthouse parties would never show up to a party at a homeless shelter, so cut the dude some slack.

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Shucks, Katie Couric's "highly hyped 44-minute Webcast sit-down with Glenn Beck" did not turn out to be the journalistic tour de force that some had hoped for. Rather, critics say, it was a bit soft. Hard to believe Katie Couric would be a bit soft, Haha, get it? Because really she is.