Martha Stewart decided the co-founder of Twitter was a woman, Ralph Macchio decided his fans are probably insane and Cody Brown decided to just start publicly eating four pounds of ice cream. The Twitterati weren't so neighborly with their neighbors.

Domestic diva Martha Stewart thought she was sitting with Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, when in reality she was sitting with Evan Williams and... Evans' wife? How does that mix-up happen? When the intern who writes Martha's Twitter stream is trying to get herself fired, that's how.

MeetUp CEO Scott Heiferman raised one of the great questions of our age.

Actor Ralph Macchio just discovered the YouTube version of himself. He's not sure what to make of him.

NYU Local founder Cody Brown grossed out the entire park.

CNET's Caroline McCarthy helped some other reporters nail down New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's not-so-exact height.

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