Oh, look. Two hot trends — reality show contestant accused of murder and insane self-styled preacher — have now come together to bring us Brian Lee Randone, who's accused of torturing and then killing a porn star.

Like Ryan Jenkins, Randone sought fame and fortune on television. This time it was 2000's The Sexiest Bachelor in America, a title for which he wasn't qualified. No matter, because Randone had another profession: he's a preacher who once said he wanted to use the show to display "masculine characteristics of a Christian," whatever that means.

And, like alleged kidnapping rapist Phillip Garrido, Randone once maintained a website, through which he spread his wacky ideas, like the importance of hell, a place where he envisioned going:

We are all sinners. Sin is a bigger problem than we care to admit or that we think. Sin is as small as thinking a bad thought and/or as big as murder. Because of sin, we deserve hell. I know that if there is one thing I deserve in life its(sic) hell…

Well, he could be headed that way, because cops say that on September 11, he tortured and the killed his live-in girlfriend, actress Felicia Lee, who appeared in such classics as Asian Fever, Hotel Decadence under the name "Felicia Tang." She also appeared in Rush Hour 2.

Randone's now being held on a $2 million bond and will be arraigned on Tuesday, although cops still don't have a motive.

So, the lesson here: America's popular culture, not the four horsemen, will spark the apocalypse. Also, if you meet someone who's been on a reality star, run, because they will kill you.