So How's That Tucker Max Movie Doing?

As you all know, we've just concluded the opening weekend of Tucker Max's film debut, "Alcohol and Poop Go Together Like Whores and EZ Cheez." How grand a mark has it made on cinema history? Let's go to the scorecards!

So How's That Tucker Max Movie Doing?

Box Office Mojo sez: It opened on 120 screens and raked in a total of $369K, for an opening weekend average of $3,075 per screen. That puts Tucker's movie eighth in per-screen revenue out of the nine movies that opened last weekend. Although he came close to matching the $3,100 per screen average of Blind Date (2009).


But sometimes critically acclaimed films don't have boffo box offices. It's just the nature of high art. Let's go to the reviews:

So...mixed. We'll say "mixed reviews."