Palestinian refugees can now enjoy the world's first-ever street named after Twitter following a Dutchman's $146 donation. Good luck explaining Twitter to your kids, refugee camp parents, or giving out your address. At least the money goes to charity.

Arjan El Fassed, who bought the street name and who has, naturally, promoted it on his Twitter feed, told the money goes to the Palestinian Child Care Society, an after school program. He named "@arjanelfassed tweetstreet" after his Twitter account, which takes self promotion either to new heights or new lows. Given how hard it is to make materialistic American consumers care about some street in the occupied territories, we'll go with the former.

After all, if anything happens to the people on this block, good or bad, America's insular Twittering masses might actually take time to read about it. Nice trick.

(Pic via Arjan El Fassed)