More news on the internet's greatest issue, saving salvia videos on Youtube! Annoying politicians and grown-ups are still trying to ban salvia but do they know what they would be missing out on? It's a good time to review.

What does some state politico in Maryland have to say to the WaPo about all this?

"if somebody for whatever reason decides this drug is something they want to partake in, they can buy it like they're buying a comic book or chewing gum. You don't even have to be 18. . . . I just don't think you should be able to buy salvia like you'd buy a Mounds bar."

Au contraire grown-up man, because if kids could buy salvia at every single Duane Reade checkout line just like they buy those delicious coconutty Mounds bars then maybe they could be more productive, in terms of making these Youtube videos, which are America's greatest natural resource.
[Don't stop Smokin Smarties either!]