One thing is for sure, where ever you stand on the Roman Polanski case, you are angry today. Fingers are pointing; names are being called. And we're just getting warmed up. Here's your day in Polanski:

• The first apology is in in Polanski World '09. Not quite an apology actually, just a clarification. Whoopi Goldberg started out today's episode of The View by clarifying that when she said the original charge was not "rape rape" she explains, sort of, she was not attempting to brush away the charges but was making a distinction between rape and child molestation, and then she changed the subject to clear up bizarre talk that she herself had been molested.

• In perhaps the most pompous dismissal yet of these little people and their ridiculous child rape fears, legendary film critic/hero to film students everywhere, Jonathan Rosenbaum posted the following statement on his blog under the header: On the Arrest of Roman Polanski, "American lynch mobs never die; they only become more self-righteous about their savagery."

• Charter Board Member of the No Such Thing As Bad Publicity Association Brett Ratner has promptly injected himself into the melee, saying he would like to make a sequel to last year's Polanski documentary.

• In case anyone was worried that the public wouldn't have an opportunity to go over in minute detail every element of the molestation, America's media is stepping up to the plate with a refresher course. among others have sprung to action, satifsying the public right to know with extensive excerpts from victim Samantha Grenier's graphic 1977 grand jury testimony.

• The Polanski legal team has brought a big and well-connected gun on board: Reid Weingarten, best known as a close personal friend of Attorney General Eric Holder.

• And across the web, the outrage is boiling over towards Polanski's entertainment industry defenders.

And we've still got miles and miles to go before Roman sleeps!