Yeah, yeah: Roman Polanski may go to prison for having sex with a drunk pre-teen girl, but what about the real victim here? His latest and possibly last movie, The Ghost...

The movie, a thriller that stars Pierce Brosnan as someone who isn't Tony Blair, was recently completed, but lacks a score and some final editing. But, never fear, cinephiles, because maybe pedophile Polanski's team vows to keep the dream alive:

Timothy Burrill, a co-producer, said: "The film will continue. I honestly don't want to say any more but we're very close to finishing it now." However, the final post-production steps are not a formality and Polanski is known for wanting to control every aspect of his films.

If Polanski is, in fact, extradited to the United States, he can always work remotely, says Variety's international editor, Ali Jaafar.

Regardless of what happens to Polanski, there's no doubt that the film will have no problem tackling another one of its problems: it has no distributor. This could be the director's final work, so someone, somewhere will definitely take the reins to release a film with massive amounts of pre-publicity, however bad.