Meet the new face of terror; if you're an Olympic banner at least. If there's one thing hipsters hate — besides being called hipsters — it is Olympics.

Exertion, competition, marketing, body shaving, sportscasters with goatees; the Olympics are like a convention of hipster betes noire.

So apparently the Chicago hoodie community didn't get the memo from the President about the vital importance of winning the 2016 summer games for the Windy City.


Last night, six 20-somethings hit pause on their Animal Collective mix and took to the streets last night in a display of anti-Olympic hooliganism certain to make the IOC think twice before exposing the world's greatest athletes to a metropolis filled with so many bummed out young people. Before the mayhem was over, an Olympic's boosting banner had been ripped from the downtown area's Picasso statue, and immolated forever, in the nearby eternal flame.

Peer into the faces of the Chicago Six, ye purveyors of Discus throwing contests and know your mortal foe.


Meet the Chicago Six, the beacons of a new movement against global athletic competitions and all the banners and pageants stuff that goes along with them.