Your Conde Nast Magazine Death Pool Winner

We launched our "Which Conde Nast Titles Will Die?" contest late last week—just in time, as it turns out. Click through for the results of this somber exercise.

A few observations: Cookie was a surprisingly popular guess. Proving that common sense sometimes trumps insidery media knowledge. Ditto for Conde collapsing its three bridal titles. Another popular guess was Men's Vogue, but since that folded a freaking year ago, it was not a winner.

And now your Conde Nast Death Pool winner: Commenter TheUptightMidwesterner!


Your Conde Nast Magazine Death Pool Winner

Congratulations on your accurate death forecasting. Nick Denton will be glad to hear that he's not on the hook for breakfast. Email me and I will put you in touch with Pareene, and we something out.