Whitney Jefferson grew up in rural Connecticut. In a town with only 4,000 people she had a choice: promiscuity or the loving arms of media culture. She would masquerade as a "late bloomer," A teen that couldn't get enough of message boards, geocities, yahoo pager, and the emo sensation that was rockingthescene.com.

At UConn Whitney's hormones could no longer be controlled, and she found her way to the locker rooms. Citing technological prowess she filmed athletics, keeping a close eye on tight ends with a wide angle lens and controlling the switchboard of the HuskyVision JumboTron during basketball season. It wasn't long before Whitney had worked her way up to Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook, and rumors kept flying as in no time she was ruling the campus TV station roost. She had taken the reigns as General Manager at UCTV's brand new HD studio and suddenly campus television was sexy again.

Post-graduation, Whitney set her sights on the big city. Is it any surprise that in October of 2007 she was working at the Late Show with David Letterman? What happens on the Late Show stays on the Late Show, but let's just say Paul Schaffer is not a saint, not by a longshot.

After Paul and Whitney said their teary, but ultimately disingenuous goodbyes, Whitney saw that she was meant for something bigger, and by bigger I mean more evolved. She flirted first with life as a Gawker intern, engaged in post-production practices at Greencard Pictures, delved into the delicious literary exploration of fatty-food in This Is Why You're Fat (the book), and followed up with regular employment at mediabistro. But it is here, at Gawker.TV wherein she's found what she was ultimately looking for: Completion.

Favorite Movie: Wet Hot American Summer
Favorite TV Show: Arrested Development
Currently Watching: Parks & Recreation
Currently listening to: last.fm/whit13

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