Yesterday, Gourmet was one of four mags the wounded publishing giant closed for good. Today it is just an empty shell full of boxes and crushed dreams.

The tipster who sent these pictures says, "By 1pm it is completely empty. Not a soul left on this side of the 5th floor. Security guards are standing by the elevator as the last of them trickle out. One woman was rushing to process one last invoice. Amazing how fast they cleared this place out."


Only a few stragglers remain in the lobby. We're wondering if one of them is going to try to rip the sign off the wall and take it home as a memento.

Once these cubes were filled with the bustling of interns and the shrill screams of editors on deadline. Now, we only see the ghosts of the projects that were in the works when the ax fell.


Better not pack too many cookbooks in each box or they're going to be too heavy to carry home so that you can sell them all on eBay while waiting for your unemployment to kick in.

Don't you dare leave those two bottles of wine on your desk. They're going to come in real handy in about an hour or two.

Someone left their cardigan behind so that the desk chair doesn't get cold. After all this, there is still good in the world.

We hope those totes are full of delish food stuffs. After working at Gourmet, waiting in the breadline is gonna suck.