The former Mr. Drew Barrymore overcompensated for an apparent drunk-tweet; a New York Times took a screenshot of his writer's block and Zoe Stagg was all backed up. It was a tough Tuesday for the Twitterati.

The thing about Liquid Plumr is... well, freelancer Zoe Stagg figured it out.

The New York Times' Brian Stelter posted this depressing picture early in the workday. Thanks for the pick me up!

Today is the first day of the rest of Tom Green's miserable, but now significantly less bloated, life. (Probably not, actually, but he had to say something to reconcile "Drink Scotch Ebveryday [sic] !" with "Say no to drugs and alcohol!" for at least a few hours.)'s Erick Erickson had trouble imagining that people might object to his writing on a purely volunteer basis.

Marketer Will Conley says we are being lulled into complacency. But in a bad way.

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