Just because a career in Hollywood starts on the sofa doesn't mean success will get you free ones, like this lady demanded. Also on a tear, a druggie dame angering her sober lover and a woman-hating producer. Take a seat!

1. "A youngish film actress we all know did a bit of furniture shopping over the weekend. She was in several high end stores – accompanied by a designer – focused specifically on purchasing a pair of modern sofas in the $10,000 and up range. She found a style she liked, chose a leather fabric from among the swatches, and was told that it would be ready in several months. The star said that the time frame was ridiculous, and wanted the custom pieces in her home within a week. The sales person – and her designer – very patiently and professionally explained the process of ordering, producing and shipping custom furniture, but the star persisted in her demands. At one point, she even asked them to give her the sofas for free. Her logic? 'Everyone else gives me things for free,' and because 'a lot of famous asses will be sitting on them.' She is one of them." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This foreign born C list movie actress was rumored to be in a relationship with this B+/A- list movie actor. The rumors were true but the relationship is having its problems. Not because they don't like each other because they are crazy about each other. It is just that our actor has had some problems in the past with substance abuse and is trying to stay clean and the actress is in a full on do drugs whenever you can time in her life and is causing some real issues between the two. In fact, over the last few weeks our actress has been doing more than usual and looks like death warmed over according to someone who saw her at a press event." [CDaN]

3. "This comes from a story several years ago. It has to do with a Tom Hanks movie that didn't receive the rave reviews that were expected. The original script featured a strong female character. Someone famous, involved in the production of the movie demanded that the ‘bitch' be taken out of the script because he didn't want any strong females in this film. The women in it had to be beautiful, secondary and not very smart. So, the script was changed and in our opinion, the movie isn't that great, even though it has the fabulous Mr. Hanks in it. The person throwing the female fit was not Tom Hanks. He's a stand up guy by all recollections. Guess the movie and the misogynist?" [BuzzFoto]