Mike Byhoff is a video ninja based in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As an associate editor of Gawker.TV, he will be providing content to dazzle, enlighten, and most importantly arouse.

Mike comes to New York City from Phoenix, Arizona, where he was a video editor for Fox 10 News. Their slogan 'Just You Watch the Best,' was either suspect or a complete fabrication. He has produced video for Arizona's Ryan House along with an array of other promotional fare for non-profit organizations specializing in medical care and services for those in need.

You may have seen some of his best work at Gawker. He has created a number of clips and mash-ups including, but not limited to, the following: gerbils playing football with frogs, celebrities orgasming in public forums, Michael Cera being Michael Cera, and politicians waxing romance. Here, as your Gawker.tv editor, he will be providing videos throughout the day. His original content promises to keep viewers laughing and linking to their friends, even if his Nicolas Cage impersonation leaves something to be desired.

Favorite Movie: Hustle and Flow
Favorite TV Show: The Wire
Currently Watching: Breaking Bad
Favorite band: Television (Oh, the irony!)
Currently listening to: Dirty Projectors Imported Japanese B-Sides

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